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We're Real & Sherri LeBeuf. Our site's all about learning to literally Blast out of the old school Business Box. You can see by our gray hair, we've been stuck in the old school Business Box for a few years and are now here to share insights on how we blasted out.

Even though it took us a while, we went from earning practically ZERO for 20 years in the industry to earning multiple 6 figures 4 years in a row. Top recruiters & individual sales in a company of over 200,000 business associates. 

Hanging out here you'll learn the art of attracting a lot of interested people into your online network marketing (MLM) business, or even bring new life and blood into your direct sales or brick and mortar business through the internet as well as  "Word of Mouth" … Experience the "Wide, Wide World of Mouth" !

If you want to learn how to,  almost effortlessly, bring people into your  network marketing business and create a HUGE residual income from home, then  subscribe & stay a while!


Real & Sherri are Contributing authors to the late and great Paul J. Meyer’s “BECOME THE LEADER YOU WERE MEANT TO BE” and Trade Articles. Successful Network Marketing Business Owners, Investors, Attraction Marketing Coaches & Mentors. Principals at Leadership Marketing Group… Their Mission: Build and Become Servant Leaders

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"We’re just ordinary folks who struggled along like everyone else, until  we discovered the internet… the PASSION began, it changed the course of our lives forever."

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