mark_yarnellMark Yarnell, all I can say is….WOW!  We just had a webinar with one of the Top MLM Leaders Mark Yarnell. This super author of "Your First Year In Network Marketing", "Self Wealth" as well as another major best seller in the making that will make "The Secret" look like…well… a SECRET! 

You would think this Top MLM Leader, earning $30,000,000 in this industry, wouldn't give a hoot about sharing his wealth of knowledge.  Not Mark Yarnell, when asked "How did you do it?" Mark simply replied, "It wasn't me, I just found people who were like a Ferrari waiting for a can of gas." He cuts straight to the
truth of the matter and teaches that if you want to be a leader in your MLM business, it doesn’t matter whether you duplicate your upline leaders or not.

His bizarre illustration, "If you accidentally got in a car crash and sponsored the other person in your business, you wouldn’t go around town crashing into cars hoping that you’d sponsor another one the same way", totally has a point.  Building a business in the MLM profession is about creating relationships, not copying your upline leader.

What does matter is that you sponsor as many reps as quickly as you possibly can, then give people the tools and training they need to achieve their dreams…IF they choose to listen and  to work.

Here are Mark Yarnell's 5 Secrets:

1) CORE VALUE MATCH: Make sure your core value integrity matches what you're doing or you'll sabotage yourself.

2) BILLION DOLLAR BLUEPRINT: Make sure your product has a Large Market Sector.  If most people want what you've got = Less Competition

3) PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: We're only paid to do 2 things- RECRUIT & RETAIL Minimum 2 Solid Hours Daily Focus on Only That!

4) $100K Per Month (Depending on your company compensation plan & these 5 secrets combined) Drive people through information daily.
    (In 1 Year) Show 30 People per day 5 days per week
    (In 2 Years) Show 20 People per day 5 days per week
    (In 3 Years) Show 10 People per day 5 days per week
     Many years of statistics show in the 1 year example, if you talk to 600 month – 30 join – 29 quit – end of year = 12 winners!
     Let's say 6 winners quit, it still leaves you 6 strong, monster leaders which will pay at least 100K per month in any GOOD comp plan.

     A) Comparison *BOMB* Find what's best for you (with details above) & Forget Other Deals. FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS!
     B)  Multiple Streams of Incomes *BOMB* Affiliate marketing are tools fine, but 3 to 4 MLM deals makes you look like a carnival barker
     C) Multi-Tasking *BOMB* People can Multi-Task but Never can they MULTI-FOCUS.  You Must FOCUS!
     D) Banker *BOMB* Never BUY people in.  They will NEVER work for themselves.
     E) Technicality Brilliance *BOMB* Keep it simple.  Simplicity is Evidence of Advanced Teaching
     F) Friends & Family *BOMB* Never SELL this group.  They'll want in when they SEE what you are doing. 
     G) Chamber Meeting *BOMB* Absolute waste of time
     H) Dabble *BOMB* Watch out for people who want to DO THE DEAL without working
      I) Dump *BOMB* Never Dump it all on them, leave them wanting more.
      J) Short Cut *BOMB*No Short Cuts. Just HARD, FOCUSED WORK 2 hours per day

Even though Mark Yarnell's style is not on the internet he definitely feels combining offline network marketing skills with new systems of online network marketing would be a much Faster way to Build, Recruit, Retail, and Expedite your Business. Either way Mark says, "It's easy to get from HABIT to ATTAINMENT".

So now, knowing  the secrets as well as pure numbers, it makes sense that rather than try to motivate a downline of 10 people to make you rich, if you want to really produce big numbers in your business, you need about 100 people to find someone who will start to give you some massive leverage.  So what you need to do isn’t baby your people, according to Mark Yarnell, you simply NEED MORE PEOPLE, and to help your team UNDERSTAND what they have to do to personally sponsor as many reps as possible.

That can be a discouraging reality for some, but its a principle like nature.  You can’t fight against a tidal wave, you’ve got to get out of the way or ride the wave. 
Network Marketing is the same.  Take a hard look at your company and your business, and take a look at what has actually produced, and you’ll find that the numbers are the same.  One out of  five people sponsors a few, one out of thirty sponsors a BUNCH, and one out of 100 goes absolutely crazy with their production.

It’s funny, but the numbers are EXACTLY the same no matter how you build your business, regardless of your style.  With over 25 years in this industry we see it all the time.  Some sponsor front line, in the masses while others who have more than 500,000 people downline, only personally sponsor 30 – 40 people ever.  They build by sponsoring HUGE groups of people in depth, the numbers are still the same.  One in five do something, one in a thousand build something completely bizarre.

Just like Mark Yarnell said, LOTS of people in a team end up revealing a small group of leaders that create massive dynasties.

Okay, now you know…you’ve just got to ask the question – How can you get more people in your team FASTER than any other way possible? Also, how can you coach people together in a team environment that allows everyone to learn the skills that they need to break through?  One thing I learned from Mark Yarnell is that although you have got to train people on how to be successful, in the end "The Numbers" speak for themselves. EMBRACE THEM, be consistent, be focused, and when you have enough people on your team, combined with the BEST company, and a comradery team culture, the MAGIC happens.

Online Network Marketing – Hanging out here with Real and Sherri LeBeuf you'll learn the art of attracting a lot of interested people into your network marketing internet business, or even bring new life and blood into your direct sales or brick and mortar company through internet network marketing. Instead of "Word of Mouth" experience the "Wide, Wide World of Mouth"!  For fun check out our fun promo video for this Mark Yarnell MLM Leaders Top Secrets

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