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In this case, it's Emerald Passport, EPI, 6 Figure Income School, Profit Masters, Wealth and Self, E Passport Inc…Quite a few names related to one company, right?  I have to admit I fell into this very Bad MLM Scam for a short while, until I saw person after person unable to earn money with the program…

I was doing great at recruiting but I could not keep bringing folks in with a high investment, knowing the negative ratio of success for others. 

This MLM Scam looked great at first, because I strongly believe in Online Education, along with Asset Protection.  We found a much Better Way to get both benefits together with High Quality Companies.  In any event, here are the 5 Critical Points:

BEWARE of 5 Critical Warning Signs to Avoid a Major Blow to Your business Like This One Ever Again:

1) BEWARE of a Company Who's Owners and Management Fail to Disclose themselves.

2) BEWARE of a Company Who's main traffic is the USA, yet they maintain some offshore secret headquarters.

3) BEWARE of a Company that accepts only Cashiers Checks.

4) BEWARE of a Company who doesn't keep track of and/or report your earnings.

5) BEWARE of a Company that Requires Big Front End Investments.

Those are just a few of the MAJOR Warning Signs to BEWARE that were blatant to This Bad MLM Scam.

In the overall category, things you also must know…Is the Company Credible?  If it's a young company that's a hard one to check however, do they, the Owners, and Management have a background of Integrity?  Is the Product High Quality and yet have a competitive price?  You CAN check that out.

Also, to give you the best marketing success advantage, I mean, if you plan on being a Network Marketing Rock Star, you may as well make dang sure your company offers you the best opportunity to do so, right?  

So, check out the product. Is it unique to your company, is it something people need especially in a recession type market? Is it so far ahead of competition no one will ever catch up?  If that's the case, you will have a Huge Market Share and it will be much easier for people to see that concept and come on board your opportunity. That also helps conquer the rejection factor. 

Is your company USA only, or Global? This is a great thing to look at for sustained growth now and in the future. 

Consider as well the learning curve to your product and business.  Can a new person come in brand new and be able to "run with it" …instead of spending 2 to 3 weeks/months trying to figure everything out? Put yourself in the new guy's shoes. How easy or hard was it for you to GET IT?

Finally, what's the compensation plan like?  Is it one of the best you have ever seen yet able to sustain the company costs as well?  We  found one where the company actually pays out 36% more on every level of their compensation plan than any other and they are able to do that because of the nature of the product or service.  So we know good ones are out there.

To Avoid potential MLM Scams it's IMPERATIVE my friends to consider these options and keep alert for these Critical Warnings to maintain your own Integrity.

For Extraordinary Ideas on how to give yourself a Quick Recovery to Downturns like This and other Network Marketing Scams CLICK  MLM Scams Recovery   Also, if you want to join me ranting about how this affected my friend Jack, check out my  MLM Scams Video


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