Servant Leaders Exclusive MLM Lead Plus Massive ActionServant Leaders Exclusive MLM Lead? How great it is when we get just one from an MLM leads list?  How funny it is in the online network marketing or MLM homebased business industry when people hang on to the glory of that one successful MLM marketing lead and get stuck basking. I don't know what happens to cause this stall. Instead of pushing the pedal to the medal, they act as though they have Arrived! …

Another thing that happens is we think we are doing a crazy ton of work, getting results with our targeted MLM leads, and then we find out other people are doing 10 times
the work, getting 50 times the results!  How does that happen?  Massive Action  is what is happening and it's conducted daily by many individuals. That's what creates Massive Results working lead generation MLM lists. Let me share how it's done.

First of all, it's not done with cold calls from the phone book! It's done on the phone, as Servant Leaders, with 50 – 100 exclusive MLM leads per day that have been attracted to you through a system.  People who have pre-qualified themselves as being interested as an MLM marketing lead. Online network marketing leaders practicing massive action have a set of safety nets they put their targeted MLM leads through–nets starting big and get smaller and smaller, filtering down to highly qualified MLM leads.

MLM marketing leads initially find you through your safety net filtering system giving them value, education, something that will help them with what ever it is they are looking for.  From there, these leads for MLM information "lookers" will relate to you through your website training and offerings, they'll  leave you their name, e-mail, and their phone number. When you are truly being Servant Leaders, calling a minimum of 50 – 100 targeted MLM leads a day, you don't have time to feel down. You're pumped right up and will find yourself in what we call "The Zone!"

When you're in "The Zone," you're confidence on fire comes through on your phone calls, which continues the process of turning those MLM marketing leads into purely qualified, exclusive MLM leads, ready to follow you anywhere. You're confident enthusiasm extends to their answering machines, voice systems, etc. Since with the use of these systems, people are screening their calls more and more, this must come across in your voice messages as well.

The best way to stay in tune to this type of massive action is wear a headset and and pace the room as you make these calls. Try it…It truly gives energy and enthusiasm! Never feel  you've failed if all you get is voice systems. It's actually better to work through your MLM leads list that way; think about it, it's a quicker way to  point them back to your website again and let the system do its work and you can boost your time with legal phone blasts to the answering machine.  Block out daily schedules and do it everyday, more importantly, get your own huge results because of this "leads for MLM" Massive Action consistency.

The bottom line is daily massive action = massive results. Most of the time, it's not what you say but how you say it, over and over. There is no doubt excitement and a sense of urgency sells. When you are working massive, exclusive MLM leads there is no time to allow prospects to sit on the fence, and the pros don't give them the chance. Because of the volume of qualified MLM leads they only have to ask, "Are you in or out?" They'd sooner hear a quick no than a long yes.

The best part about this kind of Servant Leaders massive action is that anyone can do it once they have the system in place. You call warm network marketing prospects, engage them, refer them to the system, and then let the system do the sorting. It's all automated–large safety net, medium safety net, small safety net. When the hordes of MLM marketing leads have gone through, the only thing that's left in the small net are people wanting to sign up.

Can you see it? You've got the head set on and you're pacing the room calling 100 people. You don't care if they say no; you've got people waiting. You know if you call 100 people, a certain number will join your business. Muliply that by 30 days and by 12 months and you are in the big league, big time! You are teaching this by example to your team and you can retire for life. Isn't that what you want?  This is the serious way to work exclusive MLM leads as a true business.

Systems such as the above, breed natural leaders–the cream that rises to the top.  Results are everything. Once you have the results, you can adapt the methods to a more personal level, then have fun and be extremely relaxed. But, first you have to build the foundation of your empire. Calling 50 – 100 targeted MLM leads a day is what fuels the confident enthusiasm and once you are in "The Zone," there is no stopping you!

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