Go Small Biz for Servant LeadersGoSmallBiz.com, after many years of study and actually using the service for our own multiple, small business enterprises, I feel can provide a review with some keen insights.

1) What actually is this GoSmallBiz anyway? 

Hang onto your seats! You are not going to believe what this does for Brick and Mortar, Ma and Pa, or even Online Network Marketing Business.For starters, this unique company provides actual business consulting, resources and services designed to help entrepreneurs run and grow their businesses. You have access to a comprehensive body of knowledge and tools targeted specifically at the micro business that is normally only available to large companies at a pretty steep price.

Did you know GoSmallBiz.com was founded by Entrepreneur and NFL Hall of Famer, Fran Tarkenton?  This guy didn't retire after football, he started 15 companies since his game days, Fran has always had a passion for small business.  In 1994, Fran extended his pursuit to his desire of helping entrepreneurs, like himself, gain access to the tools and information they need to grow and compete in the new economy.  Hence, the birth of Fran Tarkenton Small Business NETwork, founded in 1996.   The name was changed to GoSmallBiz.com. as soon as they hit the internet.

2) What does GoSmallBiz do?

Here's the bottom-line scoop…A true Servant Leader business!  They provide  unlimited e-mail and fax access to consultants for any business related matter. Questions are researched for up to one hour and responded to by the following business day. Topic areas include:

    * Tax
    * Accounting
    * Marketing
    * Finance
    * Advertising
    * Technology
    * General Business

Pretty extensive and impressive right?  Real and I have been in constant Q and A with them, combined with a business legal plan, for many years.  Our local business bookkeeper advised us to avoid some business tax breaks because they might raise a red flag. My husband Real brought this up through the system where a former tax advisor/CPA replied that the tax breaks were legitimate with exact rules and laws of  proof.  We were able to legally save $5000.00 on taxes that year, which payed for our program for many years to come. That, my friends is only one incident of many that saved our bacon in our small businesses.

3) Who are the GoSmallBiz consultants?

This is not some tele-marketer, sweat box place. Consultants are actually chosen based on their knowledge and experience relating to running a small business. All of the senior consultants have run small businesses themselves. Each has in-depth knowledge in one or more of the particular disciplines listed above. These  individuals are selected based on their broad base of experience rather than on knowledge of a particular industry.  I look at it like having a dream team mastermind working with you.
To access most of the material  membership is required.  However, non-members can access the "See How GoSmallBiz Works" movie, the SmallBiz Directory, and the Featured Member area. Members have exclusive access to the articles, FAQ's, Answers From the Masters and receive the GoSmallBiz e-newsletter. They also have a 4-page website builder, online bookkeeping tools and a business audio library to utilize. Most importantly, however, members can access the business consulting service through GoSmallBiz's “Ask Your Question”.

GoSmallBiz.com has responded to every question asked by a member about running their small business since inception.  Not every response has been a cut and dried answer, but that’s not the beauty of this.  The intent is to provide access to a business consultant, not arobot with canned answers, so that the member can take advantage of wisdom gained by that consultant through years of experience. What we find refreshing is that the answer is specific to the question that was asked.


– Click to take advantage of the vast knowledge available even in the free section.  Delve into more details on how Real and Sherri LeBeuf use this business support system,  combined with access to the business legal plan to put a fortress surrounding their own companies.

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