Internet Marketing Articles Servant Leaders Bust Writers BlockInternet Marketing Articles – What do Servant Leaders do when they hit the wall?  This isn't the wall you hit when running a marathon, however, it can stop your progress if you let it.  So many people ask me, "Sherri  how do you come up with continuous ideas for articles?" or "How do you take a topic & turn it into a 500-700 word report?"

Once you get into the habit it gets so easy…I read a lot of business related stuff, watch many videos, attend almost daily  webinars or training calls, interview other people.  I surf online on Youtube for good ideas, find other people's blogs, articles, & videos (by the way,while you're doing this give a great keyword related comment, what goes around comes around).  I also study out  MLM companies  from npros & mlm watchdog, then I do google searches on all that info to do more research on related content so I get to where I know what I'm talking about. The main thing to remember, "Leaders are Readers!"  If you are continually putting good content in, it starts to become you. You must beware that the opposite is true as well…"You are what you read" mentally and emotionally, just like physically "You are what you eat"!

It doesn't have to be online content either. One of my favorite internet marketing articles was from a catchy headline on a newspaper that popped out at me when we were walking into a restaurant.  The ideas on how I could relate it to a targeted category just started flowing.  I try to keep a notepad with me when I'm out and about because you never know when a "light comes on" idea will hit.  Especially have paper & pen by your bed, I don't know about you, but many times ideas come in dreams or hit as soon as I wake up.  They're usually so vivid you think you'd remember them forever.  Learning from wise authors, inventors, and other creative people, those type of flash ideas usually leave quickly as they came.

Once in a while, most of the content idea hits at once, like a big bucket of water dumping on me, so I just get out of bed, go to my computer & write it all out …I do fix grammar & spelling later when I 'm awake! Then it just keeps on coming. The fact is, if you think you could get a good grade on a 7th or 8th grade level book report, you can write excellent articles my friend. Many times it's just like giving a book report in my own words with my insights added in.

Do you remember the wise clue, "God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason?"  When you communicate well you are mostly in the listening mode & probing for more information.  Same thing here… If you are listening and watching and learning what's out there the ideas are mega multiple and just flow like a river.

Get relaxed when you're writing internet marketing articles .  Most of the time treat it like an extension of a conversation.  Ironically, you are talking to yourself, but if you feel as though your  a Servant Leader, engaging with other people or another person you forget about having to write the article.  You may even have a hard time getting your multiple person self to shut up!

Think about it…When you're with someone, one of you will start a topic or ask a question.  Then a response usually happens, unless the other person's shy, upset, or you're talking to a teenager…Just kidding!  In an ideal scenario though, you'll listen, ask more questions to find out what they really meant, then  you get into the "yeh but…relate stories, stats, or scenarios" or "That's right on, because…relate stories, stats, or scenarios". It just continues on and on. Pure communication is what writing internet marketing articles is all about. Basically, you just get really good at talking to yourself!  Have fun with it! 


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