MLM Lead generation for servant leadersServant Leaders MLM Lead Generation…You suckered in? You fell for it?  If you did a trial run or paid for an Online MLM Leads System, maybe the trial ended or you've paid a couple of months, but still  have absolutely little or no MLM Leads…What happened?   Most of us do the above – BLAME!  That is a Rip-Off! Those guys are LIARS!!  Come on, you have to admit, we've all experienced it – being taken or assume we've been ripped off, right?

Well, all I'm saying is, let's take some stuff out of the BIG BOOK and do a little inventory here.


FIRST:  What did they claim? 

The best MLM Lead Generation System we've found, has testimonials of people having more, fresh MLM  leads than they have the time to follow-up with. Many say they don't have to buy leads anymore or even pay out for advertising, which was the major cost to keep their business up and running.   Then there is the ultimate we all love to hear…no more cold calling,  harassing your family, friends, or anyone within three feet garbage.  And NO MORE desperation of lead poverty instead  into the full profit mode. 

Did they have a trial period that's now over, the monthly fee has kicked in, and you're ticked off because you are not in the "GaGa Lead Land" they claimed would happen?


SECOND:  What have you done?

Yes, there is always an MLM SCAM somewhere, but most of the time we've got to ask ourselves, "What did I do with it?"  If you TRIED a great  Servant Leaders MLM system and have Zilch – Zero, going on, we're here today to tell you why.   Right off the bat, most of the reason is in the word "TRY"  Paraphrasing Yoda, "No Try, Just Do",  just about sums up the jest of the matter.  No matter what Online Network Marketing System or MLM Lead Generation Tool you are using, maybe no one has told you yet about what you must know about generating leads for your MLM business.

Yes, you can have free leads on autopilot but, these MLM Lead Generator Systems do not work themselves. There is strategic  work involved. If you are going to brand  yourself as respected Servant Leaders, those in our industry that folks want to partner with in a home based business, you must lay the hard work – groundwork.  Autopilot comes only after a working foundation.

Free business leads come from traffic. In order to create traffic you have to work at it. Either posting ads on highly trafficked social networks, opting in leads and writing compelling articles on popular forums or article directories, shooting videos that people are interested in, or all of the above in best case scenario. This must be your daily agenda, no matter what.

Ask yourself this:
  Is your MLM lead system even set up yet? You went through your trial, and still no action taken? This system we use should take about 2-3 hours to completely set up, if you turn off your phone,emails, Skype, all distractions, and focus on the main task at hand.  than i'ts up to you to get it out there and keep it out there through consistency.

Ask also:  Do you understand the full concept of  Servant Leaders Attraction Marketing? How about the core principals behind using an Online MLM Leads System to build a home based business on the Internet?  We'd briefly reviewed this information years ago and blew it off as "does not pertain to us" material…BIG MISTAKE!  We would be handsomely retired for life, years ago if we would have been serious students and put into practice what we had found.

If you haven’t read Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring then you are missing the absolute basics.

Two Mandatory Reasons to make this part of your online library and daily action:

1. In order to grasp the whole concept of Attraction Marketing you need to learn from the guy who invented it. Mike Dillard is a Multi-Millionaire, all Online. All MLM Lead Generating Systems were built on his theories, branding yourself, leading with value, becoming the Hunted instead of the Hunter! To make this system work for you like it works for us, you must read this Ebook.

2. Magnetic Sponsoring is our #1 Paying Affiliate progam out of all 16+ that are built into the marketing system we use. Real and I generate Hundreds of Dollars by spending $39.00 (not to mention the commissions we’ve made by implementing his teachings)

If there is ONE piece of advice that Realand I can give you as a new member of a Lead Generation Sysem, or as an old member not getting results…Read this Ebook and Take Daily, Motivated,  Massive Action!  Click Here to Get Your Copy of Magnetic Sponsoring


Special Offer: 7 Day Free Trial… if the Book Doesn’t immediately change the way you look at your business, send it back and never pay a thing!







MLM Lead Generation     – Increase your MLM Learning Bank by reading all 4 chapters of our "Opportunity Leads" Series 


To see the secrets of how Real and Sherri LeBeuf create streams of leads on auto-pilot through their favorite attraction marketing system , click here  Online Network Marketing

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