Servant Leaders MLM Lead List Is Your Sponsor Stealing ItServant Leaders MLM  Lead List–If you truly want to build your own Online Network Marketing empire you have to guard your own Exclusive MLM Leads like they are your most prized possession…

People pay thousands of dollars for lists like you are developing. To some ruthless people and or companies they are also worth stealing, many times without you even knowing .

Once you start to gather leads or prospects, do you use some sort of system  to manage and follow-up with your list? This is imperative. It's where you are planting seeds to later reap your harvest.

Is your particular company involved with the MLM leads you develop?  Are you in exclusive control of  what you must deem as your property? This is what you have to really WATCH.

For instance, let's say you invite Tim from your list to a webinar given by either  your company,  your upline, or even someone not on your team…You really want him there to listen to Mr. Dynamo!  Mr. Dynamo is known to close prospects.

That's all fine and dandy, but when Tim signs in to attend, guess who now has his name and email on their follow-up lead list??? 

Mr. Dynamo may say "Get back to the person who brought you here." …did he also give out his own contact information, show his personal website, or promote someone else? Watch Out and Beware!!!

Since you are intrigued by Mr. Dynamo, don't you think Tim will be too?  If  Tim doesn't know you well,  do you think he's going to get back to you? This makes the stakes more unlikely especially if Mr. Dynamo now has Tim on his email follow-up list?  You must completely trust your company and /or, the person giving the presentation.

You have got to make sure the MLM lead list you personally develop, belongs entirely to you.  You are the one who must be the Servant Leader, building rapport and showing leadership with your leads with educational, compelling auto-responder, phone calls, and mail outs as well.

A few KEY factors I have learned about the POWER of your Exclusive MLM Leads:
        The POWER is not in the Company–but you do need a good company
        The POWER is not in the Training–but you must have great training
        The POWER is not in the Product or Service but that has to be superior and competitive
        The POWER  my friends, is  in your LIST!

A company can change hands or go out of business along with your sponsor and you have absolutely no control over that. 

What you do have control over is your own lead list you develop.  With this list you can put your Servant Leaders skills to the test- build rapport. and follow-up with consistent, quality information.

They can become your devoted audience. As long as you create a good relationship with your prospects, you can take them with you to virtually any marketing tool and business you feel is viable to them.

Care for this list, Guard it, because your MLM Lead List my friends is more valuable than money in the bank.

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