MLM Secrets for Servant LeadersServant Leader's MLM Secrets revealed here today are not for the faint of heart.  For any true MLM secrets to work it is not enough to receive, we have to receive and then ACT!  "Daily Discipline Determine Dreams," is my firm belief…

There are five Critical secrets to success in network marketing as Servant Leaders that are a Must to learn, practice, and then teach by example. Take copious notes, read through to the end, and I'll hook you up to my article that gives the daily SPECIFICS to online network marketing success.

    *  FIRST: It's time get your Dream Board out! 
I don't care how old you are, if you're a man or woman, a dream board allows your goals to be tangible, to feel more alive. WRITE your goals down on paper first.  Even if you are a techie, physically write them down.

Then look for pictures that represent the goals you want to achieve. Stick them up on a bulletin board where you'll see it every day. This helps to activate more of your senses and brain involvement in the goal getting process.  When  discouraged, FOCUS on your goals.

What's your completion date?  Be realistic, but stretch yourself too.W rite the date you will complete a goal and break it down backwards. ie…What date will you be half way there, one quarter there, and so on,  and in each increment write specific daily things you MUST do, to get there.

For instance, if one of your financial goals is to be earning six figures annually within 3-4 years, in most compensation plans, ratios come out to sharing your program's complete presentation to 5 people per day, Monday-Friday.  Some company's pay out more and the product or service is a little easier to transfer, so the numbers might be a little different.  If you want to earn more faster…you know the drill.

  * SECOND: What's your ACTION Plan?

Referring to a financial goal above, what is your plan of action to find 5 – 10  qualified people to bring through your program daily & what system do you have in place, as Servant Leaders, to help them have the same access?

Develop a plan to promote yourself and your business. Start a list of things to do–how you can achieve the goals you defined above. List 20 or more ways to achieve each one. It is also helpful to schedule tasks–specify “when” you will do them. It is most helpful to find a dedicated workout partner with similar goals and work ethics.

     *THIRD: Become a Positive Learning Junkie, Invest in yourself and your business–Time and Money!

This is perhaps the most important key to success. In any profession you have to have tools, with Success in Network Marketing, YOU are your greatest asset. 

Make careful choices what you put into your head, who you hang out with, and the things you do each day. When you're not physically recruiting or retailing, make sure you are spending as much time as you can learning, or hanging out with positive, creative people who encourage and challenge you to be your best.

    *FOURTH: Be the person who does unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

Give away knowledge and tons of great content to help others succeed. Again, as Servant Leaders, be in the game of life with an abundance & gratitude mentality.

Never assume someone won't become an integral part of your future success or that you can't learn something from them. Remember what it was like when you had to start at ground zero. Be a good listener and in an "always learning" attitude.

Success in Network Marketing is rarely, if ever, achieved overnight.  MLM leaders say that it takes 2-5 years to build a large business. That's less time–and considerably less money–than it takes to get a college degree, search for a job, start employment at entry level salary, and then work your way up to your success goal.

Stick and stay in the learning, teaching, earning mode. In any event, it's not a Choice that we are always Learning and Teaching, the Choice lies in THE CHOICE!

SERVANT LEADERS MLM SECRETS  will link you to Sherri Lebeuf's exact "hands on" detailed article for success in online network marketing. Be sure to click the link to study for yourself, the major attraction marketing system Real and Sherri use to blast their own online network marketing empire.

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