When you started your online network marketing business was it overwhelming at first?  Maybe some things still are.  There are 50 plus ways to make Major Money on the internet and that changes daily. You have to admit there must have been some aspect to it that boggled your mind for awhile. 

Maybe you came into it with great computer skills but marketing…Zero!  Or you are great on the phone & presenting, but, "Geeesh!  How do I turn on the computer?" Okay, so you get my point, we all come into the game with different skill levels. 

Some may need major computer courses to be up to speed to even understand the basics, others speaking, presenting (yes, even online you'll need this skill for video & webinars at the least), marketing, and many people even need huge attitude adjustments! This business industry is tremendous, as well as extremely lucrative, you can name your own paycheck. 

You have to put yourself in for the long haul of continued learning and self development.  If you think you know it all  in this arena, believe me, the only thing constant, is change.  Allow yourself a continued learning curve and put something in front of your face every day to remind you that it is worth it! "Okay, okay…So what's the secret Sherri???"  I knew you'd ask that… liz 1 I want to introduce Elizabeth.  She's in a montessori school where several different age groups are all together. Elizabeth is 9 years old and extremely bright. She's learning spanish, and the teachers felt the best way for her to lock in what she has already learned, as well as fine tune her skills, would be for her to teach Spanish to the kindergarten kids.

Now, how do you think this will make Elizabeth feel about learning, focusing, and becoming the best she can at teaching spanish? Do you think this might cause her to do her own research, learn faster and even more than she would have before this opportunity? I wish more schools would do what I call Magic Teaching!

This may seem too simple to believe, but it is also the Top Hidden Secret of Network Marketing Online…When you learn something, to turn right around and teach others, it is pure magic. What used to be, "Man, this is too hard, I'm overwhelmed, I can't do this, I quit!", becomes, "Okay, I've got to buck it up here, focus, practice, & get this to where these people who are counting on me will learn… so THEY can succeed." Instead of selfish, "Woe is Me" thinking…Congratulations, You have just Become a Servant Leader!

That's it!!!  Becoming a Servant Leader. Some people come into this industry with a "lotto mentality",  wanting only to "make a killing" and they want it yesterday.  They are coming in with desperation, scarcity mentalities.  Bottom line is, people read that, it pushes away, rather than attracting business. 

This is the main cause for reps jumping from one opportunity to the next. The quick buck's got to be over in the next flavor of the month opportunity. There's an old saying, "You gotta stick and stay to get your pay." it's so true. 

Pick your niche, get your head into personal development, twice a day, do what we are teaching on this blog, give yourself some slack for the learning curve, and most of all, include "Teaching Other People to Succeed" as part of your main goal.


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