richOnline Network Marketing , done correctly, has a great advantage over offline marketing. It's unique ability to build relationships by attracting people and make money in the process, before you recruit anyone into any primary network marketing internet business, is incredible. 

If you're saying, "How do you do that Sherri?"  Well, that's just what I'm sharing today. Yesterday, I was talking with a new friend of ours just coming onto our marketing team. He has his own online network marketing business (not our company), and had been working diligently putting together a huge email database.

These were business opportunity leads, and he was getting ready to douse them all with his super fantastic sales letter, blaring out about how great his online MLM Company was and why they should join up. Now, if any of you have ever tried that before, as we have numerous times, your probably feeling pretty bad for him right now…It doesn't work! 

People are sick and tired of being hit up all the time for every internet MLM or "next best thing" on the planet!  That includes in person, or with any form of media you can come up with…it repels people.

On the other hand, those of us who choose to market online MLM, the way I'm sharing today, are literally attracting people who actually want to know what we are doing and they want to learn the same way of doing it. I'm telling you it's such a relief to my hubby Real and I, because we have spent 20 years doing it all the wrong way with tons of rejection, ridicule, and no success…until we found the internet…and This…The Funnel Concept, or you may have heard the term Funded Proposal.

The really cool thing about using a funded proposal program for your online MLM business is that it takes over the relationship building and sales process once people find you.  Just think of having a whole army of people working for you, helping you make money around the clock, on auto pilot, before anyone joins your online network marketing business.

Back to our new friend…after I worked with him to learn this funded proposal concept and how to actually attract people to him, he was stoked!.  He never liked anyone doing the "hit on me" internet MLM marketing to him either.

With this magnetized way of Online MLM Marketing, you stop worrying about building your downline, it will take care of itself.  Instead, you provide value to people on your lists through your own funnel system or funded proposal program, and  make money while teaching others to do so.  it's absolutely rewarding in the very essence of Win-Win strategies.

If you search online MLM, you'll find thousands of ways to do it, there will be ebook's, courses, bootcamp's, and systems of every size, shape, and color you can imagine.  All will proclaim huge success for every last person who buys in.  Some are great, but most are just a flush of more green down the toilet

Again, Real and I know… unfortunately we've flushed a lot of green!!! ;) We are always determined to learn from our mistakes and successes…and to especially learn from others experiences to avoid many more mistakes.  Since we've been around the business block a few times and have had multiple six figure success in the industry we hope you hang out with us on our Online MLM Blog. 

Come and say Hi! We'll continue to share more on this super strategy, as well as multiple ways to attract people to you as a leader and to your Internet MLM business.


Online Network Marketing Hanging out here with Real and Sherri LeBeuf you'll learn the art of attracting a lot of interested people into your online network marketing  business, or even bring new life and blood into your direct sales or brick and mortar business through the internet. Instead of "Word of Mouth" experience the "Wide, Wide World of Mouth" ! Click the link if you want to learn more on how to prosper with Online MLM


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