ist1_8849453-business-sign-whoopsOur first years in online network marketing, and offline as well, were awful, we failed miserably. We invested a ton of time and money educating ourselves through hard knocks. (you'd think there would be a degree for that)…

We’re now 25 year veterans in this industry and after learning one tenth of only one internet strategy we've earned multiple six figures four years in a row. We’ve picked up some amazing insider facts sense then, and have now acquired specific knowledge of  multiple winning formulas for network marketing business on the internet.

Let’s go over some critical mistakes most people make that not only slows success but usually knocks them out of the game.

First: If you lead with your MLM opportunity you may as well put a big sign on your forehead saying “I’M A SALESPERSON-JUST SAY NO!!”  It’s like dipping a small fan into a school of fish…Watch them all scatter! You will go broke marketing to prospects this way (warm or cold – online or offline).  You must instead, brand yourself as an Alpha Marketer, a Pied Piper…attracting followers. Then it's a game change.  All of a sudden you’re like a piece of meat in a piranha tank, everyone wants whatever you've got!

Second: What is your game plan when you run out of people to talk to?  Statistics show, 95% of the people you talk to will not join your opportunity. This is a basic fact. For this very reason you must have a  lead generating, lead qualifying system in place, funneling people to you. One that pays …even if no one joins your MLM business.  If done correctly this will pay for your advertising, your promotion costs, and more.

Third: What is your game plan when the people you recruit, run out of people to talk to? A high percentage of the people who join any network marketing business will quit because of two main reasons: they run out of qualified leads and/or they run out of money for advertising to acquire more leads. This is why poor retention and attrition abounds in this industry.  Your lead generating, lead qualifying, formula needs to pay your new reps within 30-90 days on it's own and bring interested people to them as well.

Fourth: Another reason for poor retention or attrition in network marketing…There is ironically, no actual true marketing or internet marketing training in network marketing!  Go Figure!?!  Just the measly “old school”, warm market, make a list, go to meeting stuff…Hmmm. 100% of MLM entrepreneurs need specific marketing training that duplicates. 

Will you step up and be the leader who truly plugs your people into true marketing training? It's a must for their success, which will in turn, be your success. Hopefully, you're all set up with everything you need to avoid those 4 crucial pitfalls. 

If so, you are ready to fly, my friend, in your online network marketing business. However, if any one of those has a noose around your neck, be sure to hang out with us on our blog, follow our articles. We've promised our followers we'd get our info out on the world wide web. So stay tuned, there's massive news to come.


Our mission: Build and Become Servant Leaders

Hanging out here with Real and Sherri LeBeuf you'll learn the art of attracting a lot of interested people into your online network marketing  business, or even bring new life and blood into your direct sales or brick and mortar business through the internet. Instead of "Word of Mouth" experience the "Wide, Wide World of Mouth" ! Click the link if you want to learn more on how to prosper with  Online Network Marketing

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