thumbnail.aspx contact listOnline Network Marketing's heart of success is continuous list building for an ongoing funnel of qualified leads. Most people are horrible at it. Some completely over analyze everything. Ironically, major "tryers" in the  internet world of marketing, assume they know "marketing" and proceed to spam or use hyped up desperation tactics which completely repel others…

Then there are others who actually do a little bit of strategic thinking and create list building strategies and systems that work… easily and simply.

I just talked with one of my teammates yesterday, who recruited 39 people into his primary business last month just from article marketing. Another friend uses mainly Facebook in a strategic way and earns an easy six figures annually. 

The examples go on and on, just by applying simple daily disciplines that most people dismiss, allowing a consistent flow of qualified, good people coming through a lead capture page using free and proven methods with quality follow-up…

List building doesn't have to be hard… or hard work, or complicated. List building is one of the easiest and simplest things to do once you learn a couple basic principles of marketing that have been around for MORE decades than I care to remember… it just takes a bit of patience from both the experienced as well as the new marketer. 

Patience for both the learning curve for each separate strategy you add to your arsenal, and patience to allow the funnel process to grow on it's own as you do your due diligence.

Here are 5 fundamentals of List Building in our niche that when understood and appreciated, will turn into a seamless, consistent, and fun adventure:

1) Do You Know Your Target Market?

Online Network Marketing" market is someone who is already in or has been in this industry. The masses are ALWAYS searching for information on how to make money from home and how to do it better. There are gazillions of them.

A full 97 of every 100 "network marketers" or "affiliate marketers" are spending more money than they are taking in. They are always looking for information, systems, and training on how to get better at generating traffic, building a list, and making sales.

They are always looking for the "better mousetrap" and because of the internet, they are considering or already in, more than one or two programs and will be quitting and replacing those with a new set each and every two to three months. ATTRACT THEM. They are everywhere.

2.) Your target prospects are NEVER looking for you to "pitch" them on your wonderful "program" or product…NEVER EVER!! So stop leading with your primary business. It hasn't worked yet and it will not ever work. 

Review my article: Online Network Marketing Mistakes

Lead with what they are truly looking for… "How To" Information on getting better at marketing and making money…How to generate traffic…How to convert to Qualified leads…How to build a large list…How to access internet marketing training…How to plug into a duplicable system with step by step tutorials…etc.

thumbnail.aspx talking on phone3) You MUST follow-up with informative and converting emails as well as phone calls. Yup!  I did say "Phone Calls"!  Many people think because they're in Online Network Marketing that it will ALL happen on the internet… NOT!!!

High Tech, Yes, but "High Touch" as well… Extremely Important. Return your calls. Return your emails. Be authentic and real and genuine. They are normal people and so are you. The internet is full of hype, fakeness, lies and pretenders. People have uncanny perception… and they sniff out a fake a mile away…

4) Make sure you have a system where even "newbies" can come in and earn and learn. Step by step training, with funded proposals to allow them to make money even before they recruit into their primary business.

A program teaching all forms of online marketing including blogs, articles, emails, social media, video, as well as payed strategies. Helping them learn to deliver valuable content which builds credibility, trust and rapport. Allowing them to learn what they want, when they want, able to master one technique at a time.

5) Use Automated Systems to do heavy lifting of the sales presentation and continuous follow-up for you.
Your BUYERS list will grow. Plug those people into the system and training. Leaders will rise and some people will upgrade.

All you focus on is advertising with the skills you develop, building relationships with the people on your list, and guiding them to  decision.

With each and every step above, have integrity, be an example, be of service, and provide value. As always, Build and Become Servant Leaders.

For more information or to work directly with us and our qualified team and finally make serious money…Check out our Blast the Biz Box link, or the work with Real and Sherri tab at the top of our blog, and call us. We're here…


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