thumbnail.aspx scared manOnline Network Marketing People…Game on!  Tush off the bench time for any and all!  I'm assuming if you're here you most likely have an online network marketing or internet MLM business. Count yourself lucky, you at least realize that as an option. 

Good news for you…more people are flocking to this industry in desperation.  If you're in the active success mode or a "wanna be", either way this coaching session can help fine tune your game.

Top Producers, when a major economic change happens, just revise and fine tune their game plan. It's time to beef up your computer skills,  throw out your phone fear, your people fear, or whatever fear that's excusing you from doing the real deal. Realize, if you don't you could be wallowing in the scarcity woe like most people.  Opt-out of  it!! With exact detail, describe what you want your business to look like in 18 months.

Write it down before you type it. Writing does something to your psyche to make stuff happen. Post it where you can see it every day. Write down – 3mo, 6mo, 9mo, 12mo, 15mo, 18mo and process in reverse exactly what it will take to accomplish and what you will achieve by each time frame – Get Specific! 

Decide on at least 3 daily Online MLM action items to focus on 4 hours per day (part time), double or more (full time) and complete them every day -No Matter What! Notice I said "ACTION" items?  Not to include things my friend Enger Lemke coined as creative avoidance…Paper pushing, cleaning your desk…you get the picture. 

You 're not an hourly employee…RESULTS generate YOUR PAYCHECK!  So use time wisely. Do those action items every single day, without fail. Even if you have to work from 10pm-2am 7 days a week – JUST DO IT! You'll thank yourself later. Never judge your results until the 3rd month.  Make necessary adjustments and keep going.

Until then, keep your head down and work your rear off  doing your daily routine to reach the next milestone in your online network marketing business.  I can’t stress this enough – IF you want real results – You Must Be Relentless! You get better and faster, I promise. What you are aiming for here is freeing up about an hour of your 4 hour workload to use for follow-up with leads, customers and team members.

Your 9 month milestone…look to outsource 90%, in order to use most of your time for follow-up  and training others . Here’s an example of  some daily action steps that produce Success Results in Online MLM:  (Remember, Always "Info Content" Never Push Your Internet MLM Business)

* Most important, first thing in the morning and last before sleep, must be Personal Development (in addition to your work hours) I swear, this is as important as brushing and flossing your teeth…books, tapes, videos… the best way to keep your head in the Online MLM game period!

* Youtube: Create a video, add 40-50 friends, comment on 5-10 videos.

* Blog: Use sidebar money links, Create video intro post, Embed your Youtube video into the post, Convert that post into an article, Link back to your blog

* Articles: Write articles, Submit to top article sites.

* Social Media:  Myspace, FaceBook, LinkedIn, or all :  add 30-40 friends, comment on 5-10 friends. * BackLinks: 30-40 to money site, 15-20 to Twitter, Myspace, Squidoo, Forum profiles, etc.

* Forums or Groups: Find 3-4 that fit your niche market, start and reply to 2 threads or discussions on each.

* Twitter: Add 50 friends, Tweet 4-7 times throughout the day (Tweet & link to, everything you did that day – your articles, blog post, invite to connect)

Choose and develop your own niche cycle.  Start with 1 or 2 and work up to more as it becomes second nature to you. Become an expert an one strategy before adding another. 

Plug into quality training to continue to grow and  improve. give yourself time to go through the learning curve.  Always be in a Learn Online Network Marketing to Teach it to Others Mode.

It's our goal to help 100 people earn an extra $100,000.00 this year with Online MLM, so stay tuned.  I hope you noticed the strategies we went over today are all FREE…Absolutely NO EXCUSES.  Bring your "A" Game – LET'S GO!


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