Servant Leaders Success In Network Marketing Stops By FearSuccess In Network Marketing has absolutely NO chance of succeeding, unless you become Servant Leaders to wipe out Stone Cold FEAR.
It will literally Stop your best efforts and your business Stone Cold DEAD…

Sometimes it's not even recognized.  I'm sure you have witnessed this, maybe even from your own experience.  A Newbie comes in all excited, raring and ready to break all records with their MLM success. They start with an "I will succeed no matter what!" attitude. 

Before learning some simple way to present their complete program (through an online system or by appointment only) they go off and start to babble every ounce of infinite
wisdom they think they have on their wonderful new project to anyone they know or get to know. 

What happens?  They get shut down and snubbed immediately, that's what happens. That is usually when it begins…Fear  starts out as a form of procrastination.

It is when a person will start to put more time into "getting ready" to talk to people than in talking to people.  If an appointment is made and the other guy doesn't keep it,
fewer and fewer appointments are made.

Pretty soon the telephone becomes the enemy. They start to avoid it like other people are avoiding them…if they came into the game with some "phone phobia baggage" that
magnifies the Fear one hundred fold. The Servant Leaders network marketing success dream looks impossible now.

My husband Real, on the other hand, seems to have this love affair with the phone.I'm not kidding, he even steps out of a theater movie to answer it. He tells me it 's a tool, just  like a Cash Register, to Success in Network Marketing.  He says his mom was a telephone operator when he was in the womb so it's his "no place like home" comfort zone.

My growing up experience showed the telephone as unpaid bill collectors trying constantly to get a hold of my father who would have one of us answer and tell them he wasn't home…so to me the phone was more like Nightmare on Elm Street, instead of Home Sweet Home.

Depending upon your past experience might also determine how much phone fear you will need to overcome.  It Has To Be  Overcome!  MLM success is the
utmost  Industry to have SUCCESS experience, especially in an economy where most other industries are failing.   If you truly desire to Achieve you must Face and Conquer your Goliaths.

Prayer is the very first place to start.  No matter what your faith, it helps to turn a thing this Major over to a higher power outside yourself.  The strength and power you
receive from doing just this is unmeasurable.  Start your day an hour earlier and take time to pray, ponder, meditate, and be grateful for the Solution, not the Problem. Your focus must be your Next Goal, not your FEAR of Failure.

We have found the most productive way is to engage in reading, listening, or watching some form of self development in the area we want to grow during this time. It is
amazing how doing those two things sets focus to your day.  We also read and pray just before bed and listen to a goal meditative CD while drifting off to sleep.

We have learned this from years of studying top trainers and producers in all industries, as well as turning our own business from Zero to Hero status. The advice applies Especially Now with the negative mass media the way it is. It Breeds Fear!  We must guard what we truly want to accomplish in life and business by keeping it current in our thoughts, habits, and daily action.

Structure a "no matter what"- "Servant Leader by example" recruiting time (on phone or in person) every day. Simply make appointments to show your full presentation in the easiest form possible, then show it, close, and or follow-up. REALIZE most people will say no, that's just how it is…which usually means not at this time or they might  know someone who is interested. Follow-up will allow you to build rapport and be there when their situation changes.

If you can keep the "no's"  impersonal and remember each "no" gets you closer to a "yes" it makes it so much easier.  Chart your numbers. Make a game of it.

Partner up with someone else in the industry.  They don't have to be on your team or even the same business.   Each of you keep a tally chart on your
schedule…numbers called, follow-up, and closings.  Report to each other daily or weekly.  It really locks in your performance to share your boo-boos as well as your
success with someone else. 

Now you know what to look for and steps necessary to break through Stone Cold Fear and have Enormous Success In Network Marketing we wish you every good thing in your endeavors.

Servant Leaders Success In Network Marketing requires exact details, learn by visiting our blog often. To see how Real and Sherri LeBeuf  attract tons of leads Click the Link

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