Okay, okay, so 80 bucks because of Twitter Marketing, is whimpy!  It's kinda funny though, everybody else out there is touting, Hey, I just made thousands!", the next guy, "That's not so hot I just made tens of thousands!"  Here I come bragging about a guy who just made $80.00??  What's up with that?

Let's look at the whole picture here;As part of  his Twitter Marketing campaign, my friend Dave Sherwin had  tried out many automated “following” methods. He told me most of them are crap. But one called  followe.rs is the best by far.  He showed me a screen shot of what is happening for him on an affiliate account he has;


  Twitter marketing results with followe.rs

Sure enough, as you can see, he has  received 3,301 followers, earned $80 since last payout, and has $20 coming so far this month. Not bad.   In fact, since I read this and jumped right on it I know he just earned another $10.00…as well as how ever many others read his post. 

Are you starting to catch on here a little… Look at how many followers he added to those already following him?  How many of those followers, not just on Twitter, but Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, any other 2.0s, his blog, his main business site…How many of those friends or contacts would love thousands of  auto followers?

The big picture is now all those new contacts will mushroom into their contacts and so forth.  In a viral way, so will all those contacts be tuning in to his teaching content and his funded proposals, because he markets the exact same way as do Real and I.

Stay tuned, we will be sharing more juicy tips, secrets, and dynamic ideas to set your online network marketing on fire.  Go there right now  to get more  followers for your own viral contact base.  



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