Success in Network MarketingSuccess In Network Marketing with a Mastermind Group is an Exact Science to Success. Many would say, "That sounds great, but what if  my circle of influence thinks that would be sharing beer, chips, and good game on TV?"  Well.. unfortunately, that would be a typical mastermind group in today's society…

However, I have to say that's not all bad, because some of the greatest lessons and analogies can be learned from "The Game" and Athletes in general.  One football coach just the other day said the reason their players did so well against a strong defense is they practice focusing on breaking through their first barrier as quickly as possible to be ready to face and break through the very next one coming, and so on, and so on.

Now, if that is not a great topic for a Mastermind Group mentoring on Success in Network Marketing, I don't know what is.  In most cases however, you have got to "up your own game," so to speak, and locate those who have goals and aspirations as big, or greater than your own.

Just imagine 4 or 5 sharp, dedicated people you meet with every week for the purpose of networking, brainstorming,  problem solving, encouraging and motivating each other!  Checking in and having one another to be accountable to.

This is what True Masterminding is all about, and it is one of the most effective success tools you can acquire!  In fact it's one of the most powerful ways to support your goals and bring to pass unlimited resources to your life, business and personal.

This actual pattern is what took us from 20 years of Zero Success in Network Marketing to top Producers.  I'm not kidding, when you have this return and report agenda going on it does something to the psyche. 

One of my favorite quotes is "When we deal in GENERALITIES we shall never succeed . When we deal in SPECIFICS we shall rarely have a failure.  When performance is MEASURED performance improves.  When performance is MEASURED AND REPORTED the rate of performance accelerates."  -Thomas S Monson

A functional mastermind group  that promotes performance being MEASURED AND REPORTED is the ideal think tank. 

We trudged along all those previous years stuck rehashing the same old ways of doing our business, to all of a sudden finding a particular person who knew something about  the internet. That lead to someone else who had applied what we had just learned in a unique way we could duplicate to our business.  It keeps going on and on.

The more you help and work through things with sharp individuals the more great things come to you.  You'll find one of the real values of a mastermind group is the accountability factor.  It's absolutely amazing!

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